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InStride Therapy is proud to announce our new equine-assisted learning program for military veterans.

Join us as we deliver a life-changing experience centered around the power of the horse-human connection!

Horses for Heroes is an experiential learning program that uses both mounted and un-mounted equine assisted activities and therapies to assist in physical and emotional healing. It is widely recognized that equine assisted learning is an effective strategy that can benefit veterans physically, emotionally, spiritually, and vocationally. Through this program, veterans will have the opportunity to connect with another sentient being that always responds honestly, without judgement, and without an agenda. The lasting impact of these horse-human interactions can and often does change lives!

What Horses Offer US:

  • Unconditional Acceptance

    Horses help heal without judgement. Horses have no agenda and respond honestly to what the participant is doing, feeling, and thinking in that moment. The horse’s feedback is more easily accepted and discussed that feedback from another person due to the horse’s judgement-free nature.
  • Prey Animal Characteristics

    Insight into how a horse can read non-verbal signals to perceive a threat and stay safe. This can provide validation for the necessity of a hyper-vigilant state at times but can also provide a model on how to return to a state of peace after the perceived threat has come and gone.
  • Herd Mentality

    Learning about herd hierarchy and herd interdependence helps participants relate to and work on their interactions with other people, relationships, communication style, and self-awareness.
  • In-the-moment Feedback

    Through interactions with the horse, the participant can begin to see himself or herself through the eyes of another which encourages improvements in self-awareness, communication, and connecting.
  • Communication & Relationship Skills

    Working with horses can address Connection and Communication Deficits- re engaging caring feelings and mutual trust and respect in a relationship. Working with horses can help decrease feelings of isolation and loneliness, as well as help participants start reestablishing communication and relationship skills and increase their confidence.
  • Vocational Skills

    There is evidence that the human-animal bond helps people with employability through its social, psychological, behavioral, and physical benefits (Silcox et al., 2014).
  • Purpose and Meaning

    Equine Assisted Learning is a treatment modality that can introduce new purpose and meaning to participants who are suffering from the loss of a feeling of higher purpose (Ostan et al., 2010).
For more information about participating in our Horses For Heroes program, please contact us.
InStride is proud to be the equine-assisted therapy provider for Operation Warrior Resolution’s veterans healing retreats.
all photos of our veterans program were taken by Nathan Lawson


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