Sponsor A Horse

Horses as Teachers, Horses as Healers, Horses as Partners

At InStride, we believe horses are great teachers, great healers, and great partners! Our horses are the most vital part of our programs. By sponsoring one of these very special animals, you will become an integral part of helping our clients experience the benefits of participating in equine assisted activities and therapies at InStride.

It takes a significant amount of resources to keep our herd of “therapists” happy, healthy, and ready to work in our programs. Averaging half a ton apiece, these active, working horses are good eaters, and we feed them well! In addition to high quality feed and hay, they also require hoof care, dental care and veterinary care, blankets and bedding, and many hours of specialized training and conditioning. The expense of properly caring for our horses is great, which is where YOU come in. Our "Sponsor-a-Horse" program helps us continue to provide the best care possible to our equine staff while keeping cost of our services affordable for the clients we serve.


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