Little Red and all his friends!


Reading With Little Red & Friends

littelfriends.jpgInStride Therapy offers an exciting hands-on interactive experience to help students and teachers explore the joy of reading in a very unique way!

Combining Little Red’s book and real horses, InStride’s Literacy Program reinforces in pre-school, kindergarten and first grade children many of the fundamentals of reading.  This innovative partnership with InStride, educators, volunteers, donors and staff members focuses on promoting and strengthening literacy among children.

MISSION: To increase literacy among young children through the magical interactions with horses and the very special story of Little Red and Friends.


littlefriends2.jpgDuring this experience, we also include learning about caring for a horse – connecting with similar skills our children will need to take care of their own personal needs.  We address six important child development areas: Feeding (eating/nutrition), Tacking (clothing), Grooming (washing & cleanliness), Farrier (shoes/no shoes), First Aid/Dentistry (health and teeth) and Language Skills (reading to the horses). Our plan is to send each child back to their school with a Little Red and Friends photo book as memories of their special experiences at InStride. Many thanks to everyone who makes this experience an exciting success for each of our special students!

Recent testimonials - Jennifer Campbell of Island Village Montessori School: "Really the entire day was fantastic! I think my children really enjoyed being near the horses. This probably the best field trip I have been on in 20 years, and four states."

Aimee Day - Taylor Ranch School: "They love Little Red!_I Love the information they bring back with them.  They learn that the barn smells.  They get to see animal and tire tracks in the dirt.  They count and use barn equipment.  They get to learn about the tools, touch them and use them on a horse.  They even get to see a horse poop!  :0) Awesome Good time for the kids and adults."

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Click here to view more of the many "Thank You's" from 1st graders who recently experienced this innovative and exciting program! We didn't forget about their teachers either - Click here to read a few quotes and summary of teacher ratings for Reading with Little Red and Friends!

Program Evaluation by: Christine Lawton-Clark & also Brenda K. Green, M.Ed

"Children in the kindergarten and first grade developmental stages should have moved away from the ego “me” and begin to recognize the differences between themselves and other people and living things in the world. Children at this age will appreciate and enjoy the story about Little Red as the main character. Additionally, young children are drawn to horses and can relate to having friends that are different from themselves, just like Little Red and his friend Charlie.

Class dates for the coming school year are already filling up! Contact Susannah Cripe by email or 941-412-9333 to reserve your date/s!

LRF CharlieRed Running.jpgThe story is appropriate for kindergarteners as a read aloud initially by the teacher, mid-year as a tool for vocabulary building, and then later in the school year as resources for reading groups or in the classroom library. For the first grader, it is an appropriate reading book at the start of the school year. After reading the story, students can write or journal their thoughts and then, after meeting the character Little Red, can write to record their ideas and reflections. (Pre and Post writings.)"