Our Therapy Horses



Hope is an American Paint who hails from North Carolina and comes from a long line of Registered American Paint Horses. She is highly trained and is able to provide hippotherapy services to our adult clients. Hope is a mild mannered lady with a soft gait making her ideal for our new clients and Special Olympic riders. She is one of our "go to" dependable lesson horses.

Hired: February 2007


Cheyenne is a solid Chestnut Quarter Horse with a gait that challenges our riders with every stride. His exceptional movement makes the ride extra challenging, stimulating and strengthening weak muscles and building balance. Cheyenne has a strong independent personality making him lots of fun for both our volunteers and riders.

Hired: February 2006


Cookie a Sorrel Quarter Horse mare and is our longest serving active equine staff member. In her previous career, Cookie was a champion barrel racer. Her quick, nimble gait encourages the rider to sit up straight and to activate muscles and nerves. She also takes the lead when turned out in the fields with her stablemates. Cookie has been the bedrock of our equine staff by assisting riders of all sizes in hippotherapy and Special Olympics.

Hired: July 1999


Annie, a Bay Quarter Horse mare, was donated to B-C Foundation Station by two well-respected horsemen. She was well-loved and enjoyed engaging with her human partners. Chris Cook, President and CEO of B-C, as well as B-C staff worked to develop Annie's education. B-C's program applies a solid foundation in empathetic training - teaching the horse to engage in a conversation with their human partner and to own the necessary skills to be a safe mount within the specialization of therapeutic riding. Her training was highly specialized in therapeutic riding, which included confidence and ownership of the following skills: connection to Leader/Handler, side-walkers, unbalanced and erratic riders, independent and dependent riders, patterns, exposure to riding in groups, and obstacles & ramps.  

Hired: May 2017


Omar, a Dark Bay Quarter Horse, is on loan to InStride from one of our founders, Donna Blem. Besides being "Mr. Personality" around the barn, Omar provides leadership training to our riding instructors and horse handlers. His challenging, yet fun personality gives our staff an opportunity to improve their horsemanship skills. Factoid: Omar is related to Whisper - they share the same grandsire.

Hired: March 2001


Grace is a Palomino Quarter Horse on loan to InStride by her owner, Sue Button, InStride's Barn Manager and Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor. Grace provides our hippotherapy and Special Olympics riders with a strong, smooth, yet lively ride. She assists large and small riders alike and is always ready to give them a nuzzle after they have finished their ride.

Hired: March 2006


Honey, a Red Dunn Welsh Pony, was donated to InStride by Jenn Curtsinger when her daughter, Shelby, outgrew her. In Honey's previous career, she was used by Shelby as a show jumping pony. Honey is invaluable asset to our younger smaller riders and equine staff.

Hired: August 2010




Doc is a Sorrel colored Quarter Horse. He had a career as a cutting horse with a registered name of Bobbies Lil Pep. Doc has become an amazing therapy horse with his very even temper and gentle easy movement. He is one of the horses that trailers to Oak Park School and does summer camp.

Hired: January 2003 


 Peanut is a gray gelding Kiger Mustang pony. He came to us from a loving home where his owner had purchased him for her granddaughter, who was two at the time. After taking good care of her and being her faithful, caring friend for seven years, she out grew him. With younger riders coming into the program, his size, temperament and big lateral movement make him a welcome fit for these young children.


Hired: September 2015




Merlin is a registered Paint who originally came from Montana and has had a varied career from barrel racing to Hunter Pace events. As a recent addition to InStride's herd, he is proving to be a quick learner. Started in the Special Olympics program not long after he arrived, he matured quickly into a steady ride for many of our riders. As a therapy horse he offers a highly active walking-gait that is so beneficial in building core strength among our hippotherapy riders.  He has an active life with lots of new training for hippotherapy and occasionally getting outside the box for a few jumps and a gallop across the field to keep him curious. Merlin has a bit of a mischief side that many of our volunteers enjoy, and is fitting in well to his new life.

Hired: December 2014