Our Horses


What makes a great therapy horse?

InStride horses are all trained using Parelli Natural Horsemanship Education techniques, a holistic approach to natural horse training based on developing a natural relationship with your horse through understanding his/her nature and understanding the world from the horse's point of view.

It is both mentally and physically challenging for our equine friends to become therapy horses. A great therapy horse is sound at the walk, trot and canter, with three rhythmic and balanced gaits. The quality of the horse’s movement is what most benefits the participant. The horse should be obedient to both voice and leg signals, quiet and well-mannered on the ground and accepting of assistive devices and equipment. The horse must work easily in hand, and tolerate one or two people walking and trotting beside it.

What is life like for an InStride Horse?

Our horses live as naturally as possible. They are turned out a generous portion of time each day with their appropriate heads. They receive routine farrier care, vaccinations, regular worming and dental care. Daily care and feeding are provided by the barn staff and a dedicated group of volunteers.