Collage JPH Scholarship Page.jpgInStride is dedicated to extending services to all who qualify, regardless of their financial circumstances. Financial assistance is provided through our scholarship program.

You can help us keep this fund available by designating your charitable gift to support financial needs-based scholarships.

Program fees we collect cover approximately 30% of our costs, and donations enable us to subsidize the rest. And, our cost is already 40% lower than a traditional therapy session.  As little as $125 will support a rider therapy session.  And $6,000 will support a rider for a full year of hippotherapy services.

With our commitment to accepting riders based on therapeutic need, regardless of financial means, we offer assistance to those families who are clearly unable to pay for their rider's hippotherapy.  Almost 90% of our riders received direct scholarship assistance toward their program fees. In 2012 we awarded more than $167,500 in scholarships.

For more information about how to help our rider families by underwriting a year ($6,000), a semester ($3,000) or single therapy session ($125 ea.), click here to view our scholarship form or contact Cindy Eaton at 941-412-9333 or by email.  Or to give now, click on DONATE.

Jason P. Henley Endowment Fund
Ensuring a brighter future for ALL our amazing riders!

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For more than 20 years InStride has been helping thousands of riders move forward and reach for their future!

More than 90% of our riders qualify for some level of financial assistance.  

In 2011, Pam Henley decided to honor her son Jason by establishing The Jason P. Henley Endowment Fund, a scholarship endowment fund whose income will enable InStride to help rider families with financial needs to continue moving forward!

Your investment in this endowment now will ensure we can help riders today and also serve more riders in the future who could benefit from Hippotherapy.

For more information about how to help our families long term, click here to view our scholarship form or contact Mike at 941-412-9333 or by email.  Or to give now, click on DONATE.


The "Jason" Tree

As a piano instructor, Pam Henley receives gifts at Christmastime. A number of years ago Pam began a tradition of asking for donations to the "Jason" Tree in lieu of gifts. So every Christmas holiday, The Jason P.Henley Endowment Fund receives generous donations from her client families. This year their heartfelt gifts equaled at least six sessions for an InStride rider! Thank you Pam Henley!!

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You can make a long lasting difference!