Mason is a 2 yr. old boy with Down syndrome.

rider4.jpgWhen he started hippotherapy, Mason’s trunk muscles were so weak that he couldn’t sit unsupported. Mason has embraced the love of horses — his family says that Grace (his horse) is a major motivator in his life.

Just this month he began taking his first few steps unaided – you guessed it – to walk up the ramp to mount his horse.

One of Mason’s first words was “horsey”. This week he walked out of the arena holding Grace's rope, beaming from ear to ear. GO MASON!

Laura & Mary

A moment!

For me… life is filled with amazing moments; moments that bring a smile, moments that make you believe, moments that fuel your passion and moments that confirm your life here on earth is making a difference.

I would like to share with you a very special moment that I had recently.  

I was sitting on the patio of the barn, conducting a fundraising meeting, while watching the Hippotherapy program in action.  Along walks Kevin, who is in his late 40s, has cerebral palsy and has just started riding at InStride 2 months ago… walking with the use of a cane.  As he passed us, I had to stop the meeting – to announce that I cannot believe he is walking with “just a cane”. 

rider5.jpgWhen he started with us, he used a full walker to get around, one that had a seat as part of the walker so if he needed a rest he could pull the cushion down and sit for a while.  Kevin’s first ride was interesting, with all the movement of the horse he had to stop several times during each lap around the arena and he was only able to last 10 minutes before ending what was planned to be a 30 minute ride.  Over the next two months he was able to last a little longer before having to stop and the last two Hippotherapy sessions he had lasted the entire 30 minutes!!!

I was so shocked and EXCITED to see him walking around with such ease and confidence, using just his cane.  As Kevin was about to pass us again on his way back to the covered arena, I asked him how his day was going.  He responded “I do not have my walker today!”   Well I guess his day was going pretty well then!!  My eyes filled with tears of joy for how far he had come in such a short time and what a difference we truly are all making in Kevin’s life.

The only thing different in Kevin’s life over the last two months has been his weekly Hippotherapy sessions here at InStride.  What a wonderful moment…for all of us!


Aiva's Journey... We have seen more progress in 2 months of Hippotherapy at InStride than in all the other therapies put together.  My daughter's life has been impacted greatly from attending InStride.  One of her main problems at almost 3 years old is lack of speech.  Now, after many months of trying everything under the sun - Aiva has begun to vocalize.  I know for a fact that InStride has been the catalyst for that change in my little girl. 

The people at InStride are caring, understanding and incredibly helpful.  Aiva's balance has dramatically improved - from falling down 2 - 5 times a day to maybe once or twice a week (from normal toddler escapades).  I am eternally grateful to InStride. 

rider1.jpgAlso, Aiva's confidence level has soared; her eye contact has improved; she's not as apprehensive around strangers and Aiva also will let the therapists pick her up, take her hand and lead her away from me - which, until InStride, would have been grounds for an explosive screming and kicking fit.  I cant say enough about InStride and the staff.

My family and I are eternally grateful.  I recommend to any desperate families in need of help - call InStride.

Aiva's Mom